Denise Parkes


Denise graduated from Central Queensland University with a Bachelor of Psychology with First Class Honours, before completing a Master of Clinical Psychology at Western Sydney University. Denise’s research at university focused on the impact of childhood trauma and heroin addiction as well the effects of witnessing animal abuse on childhood bullying. She has a number of academic paper’s published in these fields, which can be found here.

Denise is a mother to two children, and three step-children. She understands how demanding life can be and how easy it is for other things to get in the way of your romantic relationship. Before you know it, conflict arises or simply you feel yourself growing distant and sense a lack of connection between you and your partner.   

Denise became interested in becoming a couple’s therapist after receiving relationship counselling herself several years ago. She is currently undertaking her Emotionally Focused Therapy accreditation process.

Denise also has extensive experience working with individuals and can help with a range of problems such as treating interpersonal difficulties, mood and anxiety problems, obsessive compulsive patterns, substance related problems, grief, panic, health concerns, autism-related problems, self-esteem concerns, and sleep issues. Denise has worked with clients in both public and private hospitals, as well as in private practice.

Denise is very passionate about her role as a therapist and gains immense satisfaction from her work. She is particularly skilled at making people feel comfortable and safe about coming to therapy. Through her work, Denise likes to build on people’s strengths as she sees them as stuck rather than broken.