Should I break up with my partner?

This is one of life's biggest questions - should I break up or not with a long-term partner? Firstly, let me make a caveat by saying that you are the only person who can properly answer this question. You have your own values and limits. You have the most information about your partner. And most importantly, it is your life and you live with the consequences of whatever decision you make. Having said that, here are a few thoughts on the issue, in a general sense. 

The problem with breaking up is that most relationship problems are a result of both partners contributing and let's just say that both contribute 50%. By breaking up, you carry forward your 50% and then meet someone who also has their 50% (although it may be a different 50% than in your last relationship). Once you move past the honeymoon phase, both of your problems then emerge and combine and you end up with a similar level of problems, although it might be slightly different as your new partner's 50% is a little different than your ex-partner's. To avoid this pattern, you need to work on your 50% and why not do it in this relationship? Why break-up, and spend perhaps years finding someone else? This is especially true if your partner is willing to participate in the process of addressing the problems by engaging in couples counselling together.